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     You can e-mail us at ryan.james.fx@gmail.com. We have 3 others stations on top of our most successful station, FX. Check them out by clicking "Sister Stations" above. FX, The Emotion, and Wow Radio are broadcasting live from Phoenix, AZ through the Live 365 streaming radio network. FX, The Emotion, and Wow Radio can be found on Live365.com, iTunes Internet Radio, and TuneIn.com. If you hear the malfunction robot (Johnny 5 from Short Circuit), that means the station is running off the music I have uploaded to the Live365 server due to no internet at the studios. I produce imaging as well and personally voice Wow Radio and The Emotion along with my favorite voice girl. FX is voiced by my former boss/friend and the same girl that does Wow and Emotion. I'm on FM radio and run these online stations for fun and I'm glad you enjoy listening to them!

FX - #1 on Live365.com in Alternative, Indie Rock, and Modern Rock

Wow - #1 on Live365.com in 90's

Emotion - #1 on Live365.com in Adult Contemporary

     Ok, so more about FX. FX was my first station, I started it in February of 2013 as a part of my imaging business I was starting on the side and also so I could talk to my friends and play them songs while drinking by myself on a Friday night. I used Virtual DJ and just made a giant playlist and randomized it every day or 2. As the station started to grow I started paying closer attention to it. I got a program called Nextkast to create categories and have the station sound better. Nextkast works great for "The Emotion", but the program didn’t work out with my FX computer so I looked for something else. After asking a friend what he used, I took his recommendation and bought StationPlaylist. Expensive, but worth it. The station at this point sounded like the real thing. We play the 90′s, 2000’s, and today’s new stuff. FX has over 80,000 listening hours a month and is the most listened to Alternative station on Live365. If you are having issues with Live365.com, TuneIn, or iTunes radio you can listen on our backup server - http://fxradio2.Caster.fm


  • Tuesdays at 2pm and Sundays at 10pm CST - The New Music Download with me, Ryan.

  • Fridays at 2pm and Saturdays at 7pm CST - All Mixed Up, a randomized top 10 countdown with Chris "Cisco" Donovan.

  • Sundays 7pm-10pm CST - The Acoustic Storm - The softer side of FX with acoustic cuts mixed in.

  • Programs are subject to change depending on internet connection and me not showing up on time on Sunday.

                                    Ryan                                              Chris "Cisco" Donovan - All Mixed Up

    Thanks for listening!



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