About Us

We broadcast from Phoenix, Arizona.

Station Manager/Music and Programming Director: Ryan James.

Broadcast Quality: We broadcast at 96kpbs in AAC+ which means it’s a higher quality than 128 kbps mp3, but uses less data.

Music: Our music taste is broad, so we try to fit all styles of Alternative onto this station. We play a mix of AAA, Indie, Rock and Alternative.

Shows: Alt Mixed Up, a top 10 countdown that is out of order, Saturdays at 10am and 7pm Arizona time. Yeah, we don’t change our clocks so sometimes we are on pacific time and sometimes we are on mountain time.

Some songs are explicit and others are not. So you probably don’t want to play us at a Chili’s or any business where customers don’t like cursing. Speaking of Chili’s, I could go for a Margarita and Nachos right now.